Why the Zune Lotoo Annihilate F-A3 Tactical Shovel is the Ultimate Survival Tool

The Annihilate F-A3 Tactical Shovel is manufactured to be an extremely durable, effective, and useful tool. It’s specifically effective in harsh environments all throughout the world. The shovel is made of martensitic stainless steel by 100% molding and casting. The shovel face is designed from thin to thick, the max wall thickness being 10mm, which can bare over an astonishing 400kg. From start to finish, the shovel takes a full month to be built.

Personally we found that we didn’t need much else when using the shovel in the harsh environment. We came to discover that it can effortlessly cut though small tree limbs to create a kindling to start a fire in seconds with its flint and steel. We also had a very pleasant experience when we were in need of a larger piece of wood, by using the “Chopper” section of the tool we were able to cut down a small tree and add some logs to our fire pit. To go along with the practicality of the shovel it looks stunning with any outdoor gear and is very adept at keeping its appearance no matter the tasks it’s overcome. In addition all of the previously stated attributes, the shovel head can be shifted toward your expected angle using the “six position shift keys.” 

The tool itself has many features that henceforth will not require you to overpack or bring extra tools when exploring. It’s specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, rescuers, adventures, and self-driving travelers. It obtains the sleek look of a military grade tool with rigid corners and edges while maintaining its powerful, lightweight feel when welding this shovel. If you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, this shovel is a must buy for you.